LEVEL 1 – Participant’s Questionnaire

carmens quatro image
Quatro Photo Credit: Carmen Elyson – Art of Seeing Workshop

In order to assist me with planning the Art of Seeing Workshop (Level 1), I need to get a sense of where you are in your seeing journey.

Don’t worry, all competencies are welcomed.  Each of us has two eyes and a heart (and that is all you need).

If you are registered for the workshop, please answer the questions below sending answers via e-mail to: heleneanne@portraitsofyourlife.com – subject line should read: Workshop questionnaire answers.

Photo Credit: Suzanne Lebeda – Art of Seeing Workshop

#1 – What tool do you use to create photographs, i.e., camera (if so which kind), iphone, ipad, point and shoot, single reflex, etc?

#2  What do you do with the photographs you are creating?

  • a) I simply keep them on my hard-drive.
  • b) I put them into digital  slide shows and share them with my family/friends.
  • c)  I print them and give them to family & friends.
  • d) I create a coffee table book with my images.
  • e) I send them to my friends digitally so that they can keep up with my wonderful life?
  • f)  Other?
Carmen Ellyson participants
Photo Credit: Carmen Elyson – Art of Seeing Workshop

#3  What do you love to photograph the most?  Why?

#4  What computer programmes do you use to enhance your images? (i.e., Photostop, Lightroom, Aperture, Nik Filters, none of the above, etc. ?)

#5  Do you gain the greatest joy from taking the photographs or do you get excited by digitally manipulating the photographs after they are taken (e.g.,working in Photoshop or other programme to enhance the original photograph?)

IMG_1256 constantine version 3
Photo Credit: Constantine Tikhonov – Art of Seeing Workshop


#6  Are you familiar with the difference between jpegs and raw images and the importance/characteristics of each?

#7 Are you at home with all the tools of your camera (or whatever you are using) ?  – Do you know how to manipulate the depth-of field (f-stops) and change the light meter within your camera or do you simply put everything on automatic and shoot)?

Yours in creativity!

Helene Anne Fortin

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