What to Bring to AofS Workshops

What to Bring?

Your good humour, lots of  joy, your imagination.

Your camera and a means of transferring your images from your camera to my computer. (jump-drive or card-reader)

A small laptop (for sorting through your images) as required.

Three of your photographs of which you are most proud that you will share with the group (that can be transferred to my computer or have already been printed)

Photo Credit: Constantine Tikhonov - Art of Seeing Workshop
Photo Credit: Constantine Tikhonov – Art of Seeing Workshop

Comfortable practical clothes and footwear appropriate to the weather and outside assignments (note you will photographing outside even it is raining so bring wet gear if the forecast says you need it and appropriate covering for your cameras–plastic bags work great)

Notepad and pen

Annie Perrault 1
Photo Credit: Annie Perreault – Art of Seeing Workshop

One thing that inspires you. It could be a favourite book, a painting, a photograph, a poem.


Please notify Helene Anne in writing if you have any dietary or scent allergies.  The day-long workshop includes a fabulous gourmet lunch.

Note:  All are welcome but pre-registration (and pre-payment) are essential as these workshops are always filled.  Participants who wish to take Level 2 Workshops must have completed Level 1 beforehand.
Contact: Helene Anne Fortin at Tel:  819 459.2161 for more info.
Email her : info@portraitsofyourlife.com

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