Goals of Workshops

Note: These Art of Seeing Workshops are experiential. That means that I will be very “creative” in their making based on participants’ immediate needs.

Within this fluidity, I will guide participants on two fronts:

Photo Credit: Barry Gallant
Photo Credit: Barry Gallant – Art of Seeing Workshop

a) the art of seeing and

b) the creation of the photograph.

In a safe and supportive environment, we will share how:

– to get better connected to what we love to do

– to understand the importance of stillness and listening within that process

– to explore the importance of colour (or lack thereof), and its impact on a great photograph

– to understand the link between your definition of “beauty” and your passion

– to take better photographs, ones that speak not only to you but to others, including focussing on how to capture the  essence of a subject, be it a tree, puppydog, child…

– if time permits, explore the options of getting your artwork out to the world

– to realistically understand the stability of the artwork being created today, and how to

Photo Credit Louise De la Gorgendiere Low Res
Photo Credit: Louise De La Gorgendiere- Art of Seeing Workshop

archivally protect the important photographs of your life

– to have an exciting day focussed on you and your creations!

– to build a community of like-minded individuals who love to create.

– to be fueled with excitement and to be (re-)inspired!

Helene Anne Fortin

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