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Corel Painter Image by Helene Anne Fortin

Creativity and Mastery!

The advanced Level 3 Art of Seeing (AoS) Workshop is hot off the press.  Creativity and Mastery are the subjects under review.

Level 3 is Born!

Mastery is a big word.  In Level 3 we start mostly mastering ourselves and our own personal style.  We will explore colour and light.  We will dance through the rhythms of creativity.  We will dissect what you need to know to become the most effective photographer/creative you can be (become).  A whole new way of seeing yourself and your art.

This day-long workshop, with a challenging brown bag assignment that you will prepare beforehand, promises a great deal of fun and exploration and opens the door to self-knowedge.

Cost: $225 for the day (plus tax). Of course a gourmet lunch is included.  Limited to 5 participants only, this workshop will go deep.

A Brief History Behind the Art of Seeing (AoS) Workshops

For years, my portrait clients have been suggesting that I start teaching.  They learned a great deal about the art of seeing through our unique portrait process here and simply wanted more.

Many had put their cameras away previously, got re-excited about this powerful medium.  Many simply wanted to create better family photos.  Many simply were drawn to beauty, and wanted to express themselves in this powerful medium. Et voilà the Art of Seeing Workshops were born.

In 2014 I offered a single Level 1 Art of Seeing Workshop hoping that would satisfy all needs.  It didn’t, hence Level 2 Art of Seeing was born.  And now Level 3.

I do love to teach.  I especially love to help people stay connected to their creativity.  For me, being creative has kept me true to myself, and brought me incredible joy and a very full life.

Yours in creativity.

Helene Anne Fortin

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