This Art of Seeing (AoS) Level 2 Workshop not only builds on the knowledge and the experiences realized in Level 1 Workshop but moves participants deeper into their own personal vision (and gives you wings to fly… forgive me Konrad, I couldn’t help it… See Konrad’s image below!)

Photo Credit: Konrad Scherer
Photo Credit: Konrad Scherer – Art of Seeing Workshop

In Level 2 of the Art of Seeing we move to a higher level.

Here’s some of what we’ll cover:
  • Focal point – What the heck am I supposed to look at? (this is a big issue for many!)
  • Why are my images blurry?  (Do I really need glasses???? or is the camera broken???)
  • How an OK PHOTO can go to a WOW!
  • Or when to hit the “delete” key – reworking something bad which will NEVER change the final impact!

    Photo/Art Credit: Robert Fairfull Smith, Art of Seeing Workshop
    Photo/Art Credit: Robert Fairfull Smith, Art of Seeing Workshop
  • How to print BIG!
  • The secrets of colour…
  • When do I know I am in my creative brain?
  • My silent “nik” love affair
  • And the list goes on….

I know it is just a day-long workshop but why not have a full agenda – it is more fun.

Yours in creativity!

Helene Anne Fortin

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