My Philosophy and Teaching Style

A colleague of mine once said, “I  don’t teach levels, you teach depth.”  And I think that describes best what I do.

My philosophy as a teacher is simple:  you are already a good photographer and/or artist.

My goal is simply to help you see in a whole new way, to see deeper – a way that takes your artwork to the next level.

tina groves - cropped 2 low res
Photo Credit: Tina Groves – Art of Seeing Workshop

Too many of us have had our creativity killed/stifled/jeopardized by some well-meaning teacher.

It has happened to me. Because of that (at one point in my life) I stupidly believed that I would never be an artist. Imagine what a different person I would be had I continued to believe that wrong idea.

It was a tough lesson, and yes it did stifle my creativity for a while. But lesson learned.

Negative teaching (tearing a participant’s work apart) fails bitterly in my books.

But do know that I will suggest and comment to strengthen your artwork.  It is YOUR vision that I want to encourage, not mine as each artist sees and creates in their own unique way.

Photo of HAF by Lucie Morin low res
Photo Credit:  Lucie Morin – Art of Seeing Workshop

I hope to inspire and reignite your creativity so that you will want to keep producing. It is the thing that will bring you the greatest joy and satisfaction.

I love it when a student’s ability to see shifts into a higher level.  I watch their satisfaction, creativity and pride climb.

There are many photographic courses available, choose the right teacher whose work you love, and whose personality and style fit your current and/or future vision.

Yours in creativity!

Helene Anne Fortin

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