Photo Credit : Barry Gallant - Photo Workshop July 13, 2014
Photo Credit : Barry Gallant
– Art of Seeing Workshop


“ I have shot over 30,000 images, and I take many courses to keep me shooting… But since taking the Art of Seeing Workshop with Helene Anne I am creating some of the best work I’ve ever done.  I am simply seeing better…  I look at things in a whole new way.”  BG



At the end of the workshop, Helene Anne asks participants how they feel walking out the door.  Their answers?

“…’braver and ready to try more – more confident”

Photo Credit: Konrad Scherer - Photo Workshop July 13, 2014
Photo Credit: Konrad Scherer – Art of Seeing Workshop

“…hungry for more”






“…I really felt like an artist”


“…tired, but supercharged”

Photo Credit: Eva Matthys - Helene Anne Fortin's Art of Seeing Workshop Level 2
Photo Credit: Eva Matthys –  Art of Seeing Workshop


“These workshops have been totally inspiring and giving me the means of growing closer to who I am in my photography as art — a road I have been pursuing but now feel I have direction.”JS




Blue cedar egg photo credit Louise de la Gorgendiere
Photo Credit: Winston Cox – Art of Seeing Workshop

“You are a very precious marvel and we are so lucky to have gained some insight into your magic.  Thank you so much for enabling us to have a better understanding of colour, harmony, images, what makes the picture, etc.  Thank you for helping us to see photography in a different light.” MH

“I’ve done a lot of reading on creativity but this workshop brought it to life!” JS

Photo Credit: Annie Lanteigne, Art of Seeing Workshop
Photo Credit: Annie Lanteigne, Art of Seeing Workshop

“What an amazing opportunity. If there is still room I would love be part of this workshop. There is so much information and workshops about technique and gear, but not enough about seeing.” KS

“These workshops have altered how I view photographs.  Thanks for a wonderful day!” BG

“I have lots of ideas to try out and renewed passion.” EM



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