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Welcome to the Art of Seeing Workshops!

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header for blog - art of seeing workshops - blue 1280x jan 2019The eyes are not only the mirror of the soul, they are the lens through which photographers/artists/and people who love to see beauty tell stories about their world.

Yes, it is easy to mimic other photographers/artists’ work.  But how do you craft your own personal vision in an artwork so that when a stranger views it they know it’s yours?

169 Langlois Frederick - lumière au sous-bois (1 of 1).JPG
Photo Credit: Frederick Langlois – Art of Seeing Workshop
tina groves 3 low res
Photo Credit: Tina Groves – Art of Seeing Workshop

How do you capture the essence of anything… be it a tree? a person? a flower? your grandchild? a puppydog? (no puppydogs nor grandkids—even though they are grand—at the workshop please!)

How do you find inspiration in the ordinary?

How do you set yourself apart from the billions of other photographers/artists who are creating millions of photographs every hour.

When do you know that you’ve gone beyond others, and, finally, are being introduced to yourself, to your own art, to your unique way of celebrating the world?

In this workshop we will explore what moves you and how to capture that with your camera.

Photo Credit: Barbi Defazio, Art of Seeing Workshop
Photo Credit: Barbi Defazio, Art of Seeing Workshop

As a group, we will delve into what and how artwork exude emotion… that truly move a total stranger and why?

We will challenge each other about the definition of beauty, and the role it plays not only in inspiration but in your final edited work.

Madeleine Gourd
Photo Credit: Madeleine Gourd – Art of Seeing Workshop

We will delve deeply into the mysteries and magic of good cropping… at the same time strongly questioning traditional rules.

We will explore the need for your own body of work, and how to present it to others. And, if time permits, discuss the challenges of creating quality archival products in this fast-paced, digitally marvelous world.

Finally, we will enter into the cross-over from logical to creative brain (which is the basis for all original artwork).

In order to be part of this workshop, you must:

Photo/Art Credit: Robert Fairfull Smith, Art of Seeing Workshop
Photo/Art Credit: Robert Fairfull Smith, Art of Seeing Workshop

a) Know how to use your camera well (even if it is your I-phone).
b) Be able to download your images from your camera onto my computer.
c) Bring 3 artworks (prints or jpegs) for sharing and viewing with the group.
c) Be open to sharing your experiences in a fun, hands-on class.

Note: The Art of Seeing Workshops are not for technical photographers who laden themselves with gizmos and lenses and gadgets, and yet see very little. This workshop goes to the core, the essence of where great photography is sourced: within your heart and your life story.

Come and join the fun!

Helene Anne Fortin

NOTE: You must complete Level 1 Art of Seeing Workshop before you consider Level 2.